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We provide customized consulting services, education and products to help your hospice.

Weatherbee Resources


Founded in 1997 by Heather Wilson and co-owned with Joy Barry, Weatherbee Resources is one of the only companies in the country that provides consulting, education, products and services exclusively for hospice programs. With this singular focus, Weatherbee is the leading provider of consulting services for hospices and has also developed the most comprehensive manuals and other resources designed to assist hospices meet regulatory challenges.  

As the hospice movement has evolved since 1997, so has Weatherbee. When hospices were struggling to comply with the new HIPAA regulations, Weatherbee was there to help.  When the "new" Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) were published in 2007, Weatherbee developed the Hospice Regulatory Boot Camp and provided it across the country to help hospices understand what they needed to know and do to meet the new requirements. When hospices began to get hit hard with ADR's, Weatherbee provided train- the-trainer and in-depth customized education to help hospices understand what they needed to do to fight claim denials.  


The hospice community now faces unprecedented levels of scrutiny, Weatherbee has developed an array of products and services to help hospices proactively minimize their exposure and, when necessary, to respond to audits and investigations in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. In addition, in March 2014, Weatherbee acquired the Hospice Compliance Network and the Hospice Guidance Line from Summit Business Group, LLC. These two members-only additions to Weatherbee's suite of services provide members with comprehensive resources to assist with regulatory compliance and corporate compliance programs.

Whatever hospices need to operate more efficiently, comply with regulations, improve documentation and other practices and thrive in this current environment of reimbursement cuts and heightened scrutiny, Weatherbee can help.

Call us (866) 969-7124 or send us an email to learn more about how Weatherbee can help your hospice.

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