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Thank you to our loyal customers who partner with us in creating a healthier hospice industry. 

We appreciate our customers!

Family Hospice Care, CA

It’s the best, most responsive consulting relationship I’ve ever initiated, and I trust them explicitly..  - Colin Robertson

Baystate Home Health, Springfield, MA

The session caused me to be contemplative about the question "Why Hospice, why now?". I know this was related to the answering the question in the documentation but this caused me to think differently about clinical practices. I feel hospice is overall too clinically focused and we should be looking at the clinical as an important means to the end. This started me thinking about how hospice RN's are trained to ask the critical life altering questions at the EOL - where are the resources for this training. I met with our hospital chaplain the next day and asked if she could start us off by offering a lecture on spiritual suffering at the end of life. This couple with requiring staff to identify 3-4 pt/family goals in every POC will help us to start a conversation. Too often we "happen into" rather than "actively pursue" involvement in resolving terminal suffering that is not somatic in nature. Too often Hospice throws meds at restlessness and agitation without probing into the cause.  - Jody Dion

Christian Care Centers, Inc, Mesquite, TX

My Director of Nursing and I make certain that we budget and set aside time to attend a Weatherbee Boot Camp every calendar year. We have found that the information we learn is taught by the Industry's most knowledgeable consultants and is essential to the success of our organization. We always leave feeling more confident in all areas of operations from current regulations to clinical documentation; they cover it all professionally & thoroughly. We have never been disappointed! You all are great! - Susanne Israel  

Mayo Clinic Hospice Program, Rochester, MN

Wonderful experts and great presenters. I could listen to them all week. Learning about regulatory guidelines is so hard and it is so intense and looking forward to a fun treat and break every few hours was immensely helpful. You just have no idea how much that contributes to the learning environment. Thank you for everything! - Theresa Elwood MSN, RN

Seasons Healthcare Management, Rosemont, IL

The HCN website is my go to resource for when I am looking to develop or revise a form or document because I can see what other hospices are using. We have used the experts at Weatherbee Resources to audit our medical records, to guide us in developing our compliance program, and to educate our Leadership through their Boot camps. They are all so easy to work with, are very knowledgeable and they really understand hospice! - Liz Kopochis 

Hospice of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

The Boot Camp was very beneficial for me and will be for my team as well! I am looking forward to attending in the future. Your team did a remarkable job presenting information that can be very boring and stressful, in such a way that was engaging and thought provoking. Though a lot of the information was not new to me, the way it was presented allowed me to understand it differently I had many "AHA" moments! - Melinda Halm 

Hospice & Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley, Potsdam, NY

I have to say, these workshops were the best in my 6 years with hospice I have attended. Very well done! - Boot Camp attendee  

Trellis Supportive Care, Winston Salem, NC

I had the pleasure of attending the hospice Boot Camp a few years ago. It served as a necessary foundation of my knowledge base to be an effective hospice medical director. Since then, I've continued to utilize many of the learning materials available from Weatherbee, and I consider them an essential resource in my practice. The team at Weatherbee remains at the forefront of hospice regulatory affairs and education. - Michael Lalor, MD 

Hospice of the Comforter, Altamonte Springs, FL

Thank you for sending Carrie to lead the training at our facility this past week! What a pleasure of an individual! She did an outstanding job and was able to exceed my expectations as well as the goals that I had envisioned when we engaged you and your organization for this work. Our team finished the week feeling empowered and energized with focused purpose and a crystal clear understanding that change is not only positive but also attainable. You were represented extremely well and have a terrific team/organization!

- Ernesto Lopez 

Cura Hospice & Palliative Care, Tulsa, OK

I've always felt like Weatherbee does a great job of providing solutions instead of just identifying problems. The fee structure was affordable. The world of healthcare is not always crystal clear and you understand the frustration that providers feel with the system and its expectations as opposed to simply providing compassionate care for the dying. - Bo Byers 

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