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Weatherbee provides customized, consulting services that are unmatched in the hospice industry.

Physician Compliance Services

Weatherbee offers advisory services for hospice Medical Directors and physicians, provided by well-qualified physician experts. 

Hospice physicians face unprecedented challenges as they lead their hospice teams and manage patient care. Keeping abreast of changing regulations and guidelines, making appropriate eligibility and coverage determinations, properly documenting, and understanding the expanding role of the hospice Medical Director are among the many issues that require their attention and knowledge.

Weatherbee's Physician Compliance Services – provided by experienced hospice Medical Directors and hospice physicians and led by Lauren Templeton, DO, HMDC – provides the real-time information, coaching, and support needed to ensure that your physicians are able to focus on caring for patients and families while maintaining quality and compliance. 


Physician Compliance Services can include:

  • Orienting new hospice Medical Directors or physicians

  • Physician coaching and mentoring

  • Providing customized on-site education and webinars

  • Auditing clinical records for hospice appropriateness and eligibility

  • Re-tooling your interdisciplinary group

  • Preparing your team for an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing

  • Providing expert witness testimony in ALJ hearings and other legal matters involving patient eligibility

  • Telephone consultations on complex issues such as making appropriate coverage determinations; ethical issues; complex pain and symptom management cases; admission, recertification, and/or level of care eligibility; etc.


Our goal is to provide your physicians with the skills and knowledge they require to help ensure the hospice remains compliant with regulatory requirements, achieves positive clinical outcomes, and develops/maintains positive satisfaction results from patients, families, referral sources, physicians, employees and volunteers, and other stakeholders.

Engaging Weatherbee will result in:

  • Increasing your physicians' familiarity with regulatory requirements;

  • Enhancing the ability of your physicians to mentor and teach other team members with regard to documenting eligibility and other essential issues;

  • Improving physician documentation (e.g., narrative statements to support eligibility, coverage determinations, etc.); and

  • Decreasing the likelihood of claim denials and other negative outcomes. 

Please contact Weatherbee for additional information regarding how we can support your hospice Medical Director and physicians.

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