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Relias, LLC, provides the CEs offered at Weatherbee's Hospice Regulatory Boot Camps and the monthly Hospice Compliance Network (HCN) webinars. Relias delivers training for all of your staff, including volunteers, as well as hiring assessments and other tools to keep your organization in compliance. Reach out today for information on how Relias can be your hospice's online education solution! Watch a demo of the LMS!

Learn more about the 20% discount on new Relias contracts!


HealthPivots is a healthcare data analytics firm offering over a decade of continuous healthcare data and an even longer history of making this data meaningful and actionable to hospices nationwide Our analytics for every healthcare provider and county in the U.S. help you monitor trends, understand your market, and compete effectively in a changing healthcare landscape. Let us help you use your data!

Hospice Medical Director Certification Board designs, implements, and evaluates a certification program for hospice medical directors and other hospice physicians. The knowledge base and competencies required of hospice physicians include a unique subset of hospice and palliative medicine that may not be covered fully in broader training in the field. The hospice medical director certification program provides the tools to assist hospice medical directors and hospice physicians in their leadership roles and to be more effective partners with the entire hospice team. Become certified!

Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC)
Accreditation will help your hospice highlight strengths, reaffirm your commitment to compliance, and drive continuous improvement. Taking the steps toward accreditation shows your hospice's commitment to improving patient outcomes and safety—while also placing you firmly ahead of the competition. Ask about a Weatherbee Resources discount on your ACHC application!

Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) Taking care of people is why you got into the business of health care. CHAP accreditation is an extension of that mission. It says to your patients, their families, and your hospice's community that providing services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards means something to you. Ask about a Weatherbee Resources discount on your CHAP application!

Iron Edge Media, with a specialty in digital marketing, is the definition of a one-stop-shop that will not rest until perfection is achieved. The icing on the cake? IEM's partners are friends who share the same vision of changing the world. You may call them all crazy, but we call it passionate!

Get more information on how IEM can help your hospice!

Compliancy Group helps the hospice industry solve and simplify HIPAA compliance. Using our software and live Compliance Coaches we walk you through the entire regulation taking the burden and confusion of HIPAA off your plate. Everything you need from training, policies, risk assessment, audit support and more are included. Register for a demo to learn how the Compliancy Group can help your hospice become HIPAA compliant!


Is your hospice a member of the state hospice association? If yes, ask about the partner benefits.

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