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Weatherbee provides customized, consulting services that are unmatched in the hospice industry.

Open Retainer Services

Hospices face a myriad of challenges ranging from decreasing reimbursements, increasing costs, ever-shrinking education budgets, and stiff competition for a limited pool of qualified staff and eligible patients. Furthermore, increasingly complex regulations and sophisticated payment audits place hospices at a greater risk of denied claims, which can seriously jeopardize both cash flow and long-term viability.


More than ever, hospice leaders need real-time access to relevant and accurate information, helpful resources, and best practices.


Weatherbee Resources offers Open Retainer (“Expert on Call”) Services to hospices on an affordable, fee-for-service basis. Through this service your hospice’s designated contact person(s) will have:

  • Access via email or pre-scheduled conference calls to an “expert” without having to recruit, hire, train, and support an additional employee

  • Answers to questions, regulatory resources and guidance, operational advice, and recommendations on best practice


The primary goal of every Weatherbee consultation is to identify and reduce or eliminate risk exposure.

Engaging Weatherbee will result in:

  • Enhanced staff competence and productivity;

  • Real-time answers to real-time issues. 

Please contact Weatherbee for additional information regarding how we can help your hospice.  

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