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We work as a team to serve our clients in big ways!


When clients engage Weatherbee Resources through a wide array of services, which include but are not limited to, clinical record audits, government investigations, appeals support, customized education, and various compliance-related matters, our team members rise to the challenge to provide expert advise, instructional guidance, consistent communication, and problem-solving strategies to ensure our clients are fully supported.


Our products are created by our hospice experts and through partnerships that are nationally recognized within the hospice community. These products are continuously updated based on new regulations, as our team keeps abreast of new developments and CMS requirements. In addition, our consultants are nationwide and provide expert content knowledge on all Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) regulations. Weatherbee works as a team to build positive relationships and superior experiences for every client we serve.


Colleen O'Keefe, RN

Senior Consultant & Project Specialist

Colleen O’Keefe is the Senior Consultant & Project Specialist for Weatherbee Resources. Colleen has served as an RN Case Manager, Supervisor for a Continuous Home Care team, Clinical Educator, and Compliance Officer. Her clinical, regulatory, and leadership expertise allows her to deliver uncompromising consulting services.

As a Senior Consultant & Project Specialist with Weatherbee Resources, Colleen conducts clinical record audits for hospice organizations facing Additional Development Requests, writes independent expert cover letters to support technical and clinical eligibility for hospice care, and provides assistance and guidance throughout the appeals process. Colleen conducts comprehensive baseline assessment audits and mock surveys to assess regulatory compliance and identify potential risk exposures, and devises action plans to address problem areas. She also conducts education for hospice organizations across the country. Colleen also has experience and expertise in conducting investigations for hospices facing payment-related scrutiny by governmental agencies.

Colleen is a registered nurse and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

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