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Back  to the Future of Hospice Sales and Marketing 
5-Part Webinar Series


Consecutive Wednesdays
October 2-30, 2019 at 1pm ET

Back  to the Future of Hospice Sales and Marketing 
5-Part Webinar Series


Consecutive Wednesdays
October 2-30, 2019 at 1pm ET

Over the past 20+ years, the sales and marketing strategies used by hospice organizations have changed dramatically – the end-of-life care once solely provided by volunteers has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business! Despite the evolution of hospice sales and marketing strategies over time, many hospice organizations continue to fall short in meeting their primary goal of empowering terminally ill patients and their families to choose comfort over cure so a patient can focus on living the last days, weeks, or months of life to the fullest.


Each Wednesday in the month of October 2019, Weatherbee Resources will offer a “live” 5-part webinar education series to share a new sales and marketing strategy for hospice sales professionals and hospice executives. This new sales strategy is designed to 1) generate new hospice referrals by returning to the “grass roots” of hospice growth through active community education and engagement; and 2) highlight the “hospice solution” when partnering with other healthcare professionals including physicians, facilities, and other community healthcare resources. Each webinar includes real-life tools for success and will prepare each attendee to implement the new sales and marketing strategies immediately. At the conclusion of the 5-part webinar series, the attendees will be prepared to immerse themselves in community hospice education and engagement activities in order to capitalize on “grass roots” sales efforts and partner professionally with other healthcare providers in a patient-specific, solution-driven manner.

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Wednesdays  •  All sessions begin at 1pm ET / Noon CT / 11am MT / 10am PT

60 minutes followed by 10 minute Q&A

Solution-Driven Sales to Healthcare Professionals  •  October 2

Explores a consultative and solution-driven sales model specifically designed to engage physicians, hospital staff, nursing facility staff, and other community healthcare providers to identify hospice as an “early” solution / intervention when traditional medical treatment is no longer effective and/ or the patient/family’s goals of care change. 


Returning to the Grass Roots of Hospice: Community Education and Engagement  •  October 9

In the early days of hospice (1980s – 1990s), the primary strategy for hospice census growth was direct-to-consumer engagement and education. The hospice industry largely abandoned this growth strategy in the late 1990s when former pharmaceutical sales representatives were hired by hospice organizations. Although this sales strategy was wildly successful in growing hospice organizations’ census, the loss of the direct-to-consumer relationships has negatively affected hospice growth in the long term. This course re-introduces the “grass roots” census growth technique via direct-to-consumer engagement and education. By directly connecting the hospice sales professional and the future hospice consumer (or family decision maker), referrals are generated as a result of the relationship formed within civic organizations, houses of worship, chambers of commerce, senior centers, and other professional/personal gathering opportunities.


Generational Selling  •  October 16

In today’s multi-generational workforce, it is vital to be able to sell to and speak the language of every generation. This course explores the generational-specific considerations for sales and marketing team members, referral sources, hospice decision-makers, patients, and other healthcare partners. Also, this course includes real-life examples of how generational differences in communication and follow-up can lead to sales success (or failure). This webinar also dives a little deeper into the “millennial generation” and “Gen Z” with information that is promising for the future of the hospice industry.


Mastering Customer Engagement and Follow-up  •  October 23

Once a hospice sales professional has engaged a potential referral source, the follow through and future delivery of exceptional patient care will determine the future success or failure of the referral relationship. A great customer service experience will result in future referrals from patients/family members, community members, and referral sources. This course details the art and science of customer engagement, including the hospice sales professional’s follow-up and follow through. 


Time Management for the Sales Professional  •  October 30

Successful implementation of a new sales and marketing strategy is largely dependent on the sales person’s ability to constantly evaluate return on investment and adjust his/her time accordingly. In other words, the sales professional must spend the greatest amount of time each day, week, and month nurturing the relationship(s) that are likely to result in a steady and predictable pattern of hospice referrals. This webinar teaches the requisite skills for territory, task, and customer management to ensure long-term sales success.


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