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Weatherbee provides customized, state-of-the-art consulting services that are unmatched in the hospice industry.

Sales & Marketing

Weatherbee’s nationally known and well-respected compliance experts can train your sales and marketing team providing the education and tools to create the most robust, successful, and compliant hospice sales and marketing program!


One of the greatest sales and marketing challenges across the country is that every hospice marketing professional is offering the exact same Medicare Hospice Benefit to potential referral sources (e.g., physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.). Although hospice providers may have certain quality or customer service differentiators, hospices cannot legally provide inducements to referral sources. Therefore, in order to grow your hospice’s census and ensure long-term business success, your hospice’s sales and marketing team has to be the best in the business!


Weatherbee’s sales and marketing Consultant, Melanie Hill, has more than 22 years of marketing, sales, branding, and education experience which makes her an excellent strategic partner to train and coach your sales and marketing team to authentic success!


Weatherbee’s customized Sales and Marketing Team Training includes:

  • A complementary telephone consultation to discuss your sales and marketing team’s successes and challenges, short and long-term goals, and discuss an individualized training plan to meet your team’s specialized needs.

  • Customized on-site training to address your sales and marketing team’s specific knowledge and performance gaps. Examples of sales training topics including, but are not limited to:

    • Hospice Selling that Works! – Explores a 5-step consultative/relationship selling model that is specifically designed to engage physicians, hospital staff, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities.

    • Hospice Account Analysis – Details the process of performing individual account analysis to identify differential advantages of each account, to better understand what each account needs, and methods to become the hospice provider of choice for them.

    • Deeper Physician Selling – Investigates tactics for more intentional sales to physicians based on patient population, physician specialty, and other factors.

    • Generational Selling – Explores the generational considerations for sales and marketing team members, referral sources, hospice decision-makers, patients, and healthcare partners and how these generational differences influence sales and marketing success (or failure).

    • Community Marketing for Hospice – Focuses on partnering with churches, civic clubs, chambers of commerce, and other senior adult organizations to develop relationships that lead to hospice relationships and referrals.


  • A copy of the Hospice Sales Essentials training manual developed by Melanie Hill for each training attendee. Although this interactive manual is utilized during the training, it will also be an excellent field resource for your sales and marketing team members to use after the training! A past client called this manual, “The Sales Bible”!

  • Post-training support, via webinar, for 6 to 9 months to: set or revise individual or collective sales goals for the sales and marketing team members, assist with post-training implementation of your team’s new sales strategy, discuss specific account challenges and develop strategic plan(s) for success, assist sales managers in holding the team accountable (individually or collectively), provide individual coaching/mentoring for poorly performing team members, or address other needs identified during or after the on-site training.

Please contact Weatherbee to see how we can assist your hospice with compliant sales and marketing.

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