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Top Payment Scrutiny Areas in Hospice

As more government agencies leverage data analysis and tracking to monitor billing in the home health and hospice space, providers are seeing heightened scrutiny across billing practices. From time to time, everyday mistakes in documentation and challenges with compliance can lead to bigger problems—even when providers think they are doing everything right.

In 2015, hospice payments reached nearly $16 billion, and its growing clout as a service means that watchdogs are on the lookout for fraudsters and improperly billing.

As more money is being poured into the sector, there are several “traps,” that providers can fall into that can bring about more scrutiny on their practices, according to Carrie Cooley, RN, MSN, chief executive officer of Weatherbee Resources, Inc., a hospice consulting firm that specializes in compliance with hospice regulations.

Read the entire article at Home Health Care News.

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